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part 1 but, frederick, it's nearly dark!

Grand opening post of the Fire Emblem Anon Meme!

Have fun so long as you read the rules linked below. If you have any questions regarding the rules, or just need to get in touch with me in general, feel free to contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Code for posting images (You'll need a sock account to use this due DW's recent updates, unfortunately):

As a note, images larger than 600 x 600 must be linked! Anything larger than that will be deleted. Also, please make sure to read the rules in regards to this meme's policy on posting other people's fanart.

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(Anonymous) 2013-12-15 03:05 am (UTC)(link)
Wow, giveaway wank. That's a new low FE fandumb.

(Anonymous) 2013-12-15 03:07 am (UTC)(link)
Oh lord, what now? If they're wanking all over Emilia I'm going to mash my face into the keyboard.

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Re: SA

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(Anonymous) 2013-12-15 05:03 am (UTC)(link)

felt like drawing these too dorks because their supports still make me laugh

Re: http://ladybolin.tumblr.com/post/70018448182/

(Anonymous) 2013-12-17 07:33 pm (UTC)(link)
oh gaius you troll


(Anonymous) 2013-12-15 08:20 pm (UTC)(link)
how long do you think it'll take for That Fan to jump in?

Re: http://fire-emblem-confessions.tumblr.com/post/70103804145/i-hate-how-not-shipping-henry-olivia-

(Anonymous) 2013-12-15 08:41 pm (UTC)(link)
she usually doesn't touch this blog, does she?

not op

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Re: ntayr

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(Anonymous) 2013-12-16 06:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Does anyone have links/recomendations in regards to FE: Awakening LP's? The more detailed the better.

Problematic Pairings... Go?

(Anonymous) 2013-12-16 11:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Let's get this over with: canonwise or fandom-wise, what bothers you about a certain pairing? I think a similar sort of thread was made but f that

Re: Problematic Pairings... Go?

(Anonymous) 2013-12-16 11:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Frederick. Cordelia. S support. That is all.

Severa/Yarne brings out the worst in them both. I get that Severa's just being herself and trying to help the only way she can, but it just bothers me and I'd rather ship Severa with stoic dudes and Yarne with anyone else.

Insert fanon!Chrombin whining here.

I can't ship Robin with the second gen characters. I just can't. I'll only ever get the supports for completion's sake, otherwise it just feels...skeevy.

Chrom/Olivia makes an OTP incest. /shallow

Re: Problematic Pairings... Go?

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Re: Problematic Pairings... Go?

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Re: Problematic Pairings... Go?

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and now for non-Awakening pairings...

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Re: Problematic Pairings... Go?

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Re: Problematic Pairings... Go?

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Re: Problematic Pairings... Go?

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Awakening Miiverse Community is up!

(Anonymous) 2013-12-16 11:22 pm (UTC)(link)


Re: Awakening Miiverse Community is up!

(Anonymous) 2013-12-17 12:09 am (UTC)(link)


/goes off to make stupid doodles

Re: Awakening Miiverse Community is up!

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Re: Awakening Miiverse Community is up!

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Re: Awakening Miiverse Community is up!

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Re: nayrt

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Re: nayrt

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(Anonymous) 2013-12-17 02:39 am (UTC)(link)
i feel bad for not having finished awakening yet, lmao


(Anonymous) 2013-12-17 06:48 am (UTC)(link)
Sanguinejustice said:Oh, look. More unnecessary hate. And Chromatar? That has got to be the most ridiculous pairing names. Stay classy, FE fandom.

Re: http://fire-emblem-confessions.tumblr.com/post/70220369431/it-might-be-that-i-dont-like-chromata

(Anonymous) 2013-12-17 06:56 am (UTC)(link)
But that wasn't "unnecessary hate", or however you put it? OP basically said "Me not liking Chrombin might be a part of it, but Lucina & Morgan as siblings doesn't do anything for me; I prefer them as lovers."

If OP said something to the effect of "CHROMBIN IS, LYKE, THE WORST SHIP ON EARTH BECAUSE LUCINA AND MORGAN AS SIBLINGS IS EW", then I could see where you're coming from. However, OP didn't say anything like that so don't get your panties in a twist over an anon secret.


(Anonymous) 2013-12-17 04:34 pm (UTC)(link)
27 pages until now, check at your own risk.

Re: https://www.fanfiction.net/topic/53340/49286177/1/Fire-Emblem-13

(Anonymous) 2013-12-17 04:39 pm (UTC)(link)
I don't know if I'd say Henry is that concerned about getting laid. In fact, he almost seems asexual to me. He honestly doesn't seem all that attracted to women, even when you account for the fact that the C-A supports tend to have little to no romance in them. He's even surprised to be feeling desire in his S with Sumia, like it's something he's never thought of before. So, yeah, he's a creepy-ass motherf***er and the game would be better off without him, but I don't think he's a perv.

Asexuality. You keep using that word. I do not think it means, what you think it means.

(Anonymous) 2013-12-17 11:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Y'know, I'm kinda surprised that people don't argue that Frederick/Lissa is canon when the boxart literally has him guarding her and holding her shoulder. Not that I would want to (even if it's my OTP), I just thought of funny/ridiculous canon arguments people make.

(Anonymous) 2013-12-17 11:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Me too, honestly. And there's a few scenes and bits of dialogue people could easily expand into something more.

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(Anonymous) 2013-12-18 12:03 am (UTC)(link)
Don't agree with the secret, but of course megalucina happens.

Re: http://fire-emblem-confessions.tumblr.com/post/70316191081/i-didnt-really-like-how-in-awakening-

(Anonymous) 2013-12-18 05:38 pm (UTC)(link)
but... megalucina is right, in this instance?

Hahaha posters and fountains Frederick is comedy gold- WHAT THE FUCK, INTSYS.

(Anonymous) 2013-12-18 12:17 am (UTC)(link)
Sometimes I'd allow myself a kind of fool's hope that you survived. Maybe you were taken in by some kind Plegian, or found by a traveling merchant... But mostly I feared that if you'd lived, you'd fallen to an even harsher fate. I never forgot about you. Even after all this time, I've been...hoping. And here you are, confirming both the good and ill of my secret thoughts.

Y-you... I d-don't...

Your brother has grown into a fine man, but he would do well by your company. Stay with us, Your Grace. I beg it of you. I promise I will not fail you again.

Re: Hahaha posters and fountains Frederick is comedy gold- WHAT THE FUCK, INTSYS.

(Anonymous) 2013-12-18 12:20 am (UTC)(link)
I know, right? I get that Fred brings a lot of funny, but I wish people would remember that his uptight and serious personality isn't solely played for laughs.

(Anonymous) 2013-12-18 03:23 am (UTC)(link)
what if someone started up another FE shipping confessions blog on Tumblr?

(Anonymous) 2013-12-18 03:25 am (UTC)(link)
step one: ban asc from ever touching the place

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overhyped fanwork

(Anonymous) 2013-12-18 04:38 am (UTC)(link)
Sometimes I long for my days as an innocent Emblemer...

Anyway, this is less about the people behind the work, and more about the work we're not impressed with :D

Re: overhyped fanwork

(Anonymous) 2013-12-18 04:46 am (UTC)(link)
Does the stuff in TheBadTimeline count?

Re: overhyped fanwork

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Re: overhyped fanwork

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Re: overhyped fanwork

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Re: overhyped fanwork

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Re: overhyped fanwork

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Re: overhyped fanwork

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Re: overhyped fanwork

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must-see fanwork

(Anonymous) 2013-12-18 10:10 am (UTC)(link)
In contrast to the above thread. What are some works you ARE impressed with?

Re: must-see fanwork

(Anonymous) 2013-12-18 11:39 am (UTC)(link)
Emilia's artwork is adorable w/o being too super cutesy, so yeah. Same to Deko aka dekoart on tumblr.

Re: must-see fanwork

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Re: must-see fanwork

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(Anonymous) 2013-12-19 04:35 am (UTC)(link)
Someone doesn't kiss Chrombin's ass and sanguinejustice doesn't whine! :O

Re: http://fire-emblem-confessions.tumblr.com/post/70415697815/i-wish-there-was-a-way-to-have-more-t

(Anonymous) 2013-12-19 12:48 pm (UTC)(link)

but we get an overtired instead.


(Anonymous) 2013-12-19 04:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Someone, get the popcorn. This is Overtired and Raphi about to duke it out.

Re: http://iamovertired.tumblr.com/post/70453647867/hohoholsety-fe-romantic-leads-survey

(Anonymous) 2013-12-19 04:34 pm (UTC)(link)

"this is gonna start a ship war!!!"

Honestly if someone wants to use a survey on the internet about what other people think to fuel a ship war, they’re a big baby anyway and I don’t exactly care.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, is she belittling people for worrying about possible wank when she actually throws babyish fits whenever someone doesn't bow to her? She's one to talk, she LOVES to wank it out as long as she can have the last "word".

in b4 she goes to wankgate and starts blaming her namedrop on others. WE'RE WATCHING YOU, KID, WE'LL KNOW IT'S YOU OR YOUR "FRIENDS"


(Anonymous) 2013-12-19 05:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey. Hey you. Yes you, fandom. You know what stays consistent between all Robins/Rufures/Daraens, aside from their overall personality and ability to wreck shit?

Take a look at the purple cut-in thing when when they trigger a critical or a skill. See the closeup of their eyes? Sure they may vary in size & shape between avatar to avatar, and they may even sometimes be closed and look absolutely adorable. But the main point is this:

Any possible Avatar and Morgan will canonically, consistently, and always have dark brown eyes. None of this "windows match the curtains" bullshit unless they're brunettes. As cute as you find Morgan with blue eyes matching your amazing royal husbando and perfect daughter... Nope.

This message was brought to by anon frustrated at fanart, dozens of tactician blogs, and spends way to much time staring at the gigantic character art up on SerenesForest.


(Anonymous) 2013-12-19 09:07 pm (UTC)(link)
who gives a fuck


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Re: OP

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Re: OP

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(Anonymous) 2013-12-19 10:03 pm (UTC)(link)
-insert maniacal laughter here-

Re: http://shadowofchaos725.tumblr.com/post/70521771600/fire-emblem-confessions-i-secretly-laughed-a

(Anonymous) 2013-12-19 10:41 pm (UTC)(link)
marth would never have been removed but

christ, what an asshole


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(Anonymous) 2013-12-20 03:27 am (UTC)(link)
99 more comments and we get a new post! :O

(Anonymous) 2013-12-20 03:55 am (UTC)(link)
Man, seems like just yesterday we were starting out. Our little meme sure grew up fast.


[personal profile] fepicspammer 2013-12-20 08:35 am (UTC)(link)

Full Size

Translation: From now on, we'll protect Lucina and this country.

Re: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=33077357

(Anonymous) 2013-12-20 01:48 pm (UTC)(link)
B-babies ;A;


(Anonymous) 2013-12-21 01:17 am (UTC)(link)
I can't quite understand what MotA is trying to say here, but I think it's Nowi bashing. Is it?

Re: http://markoftheasphodel.tumblr.com/post/70620269599/ill-say-it-again-one-of-the-worst-by-produc

(Anonymous) 2013-12-21 01:18 am (UTC)(link)
PAstebin plz? I have her ass cold turkey'd.


(Anonymous) 2013-12-21 06:42 am (UTC)(link)
sanguinejustice said: How many more of these are we going to see? I swear this is really getting out of hand.


Re: http://fire-emblem-confessions.tumblr.com/post/70604325784/

(Anonymous) 2013-12-21 08:14 am (UTC)(link)
Jesus Christ is she that offended by any confession that has the freedom to not support her OTP?


(Anonymous) 2013-12-21 03:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Since this is the "Let's poke fun at Sanguinejustice" time, how about this?

"Weh weh weh Chromia is so clichè, Sumia is so like obsessed with Chrom and Cordelia is a rude bitch to her husbands BUT I'LL KILL YOU DEAD IF YOU DON'T WUB MY OOOH TEEE PEEEE!111"

Re: http://sanguinejustice.tumblr.com/post/56506020651/i-really-like-cormag-from-fe8-the-fact-that-p

(Anonymous) 2013-12-21 04:39 pm (UTC)(link)
the word they're looking for is 'irks', not 'urks'

also why do all chrom/sumia haters ignore Chrom's many, many flaws? Over the course of his supports he has as many comedic flaws as Sumia does in hers. It isn't a case of clumsy girl meets ~perfect guy~.


(Anonymous) 2013-12-21 09:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Just want to let you guys know that FE Shipping Confessions will be officially opening later today! Though, I left the ask box open if you guys want submit confessions early before the official opening.

Please make sure to read the guidelines first before submitting, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in this thread.


(Anonymous) 2013-12-22 01:26 am (UTC)(link)
Fire Emblem Shipping Confessions is now officially open! For those who submitted their confessions early, I have them ready and will be putting them in queue shortly.

Also, is anyone having trouble finding the opening post in the public tags I used on Tumblr? For some reason, the post isn't showing up for me.


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Re: sa

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Re: sa

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