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part 1 but, frederick, it's nearly dark!

Grand opening post of the Fire Emblem Anon Meme!

Have fun so long as you read the rules linked below. If you have any questions regarding the rules, or just need to get in touch with me in general, feel free to contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Code for posting images (You'll need a sock account to use this due DW's recent updates, unfortunately):

As a note, images larger than 600 x 600 must be linked! Anything larger than that will be deleted. Also, please make sure to read the rules in regards to this meme's policy on posting other people's fanart.

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(Anonymous) 2013-08-31 04:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Such a cute claim <3333

As for hairs... hm.

- I insist that Henry's white hair works better on girls than on boys, specially if the girl's name is Cynthia or Noire.
- I prefer blond!Owain since it's his default color, but I don't think he looks THAT terrible with black hair! OTOH, redhead!Owain is all kinds of IDEFK.
-- On that thought, Brady's forever a blond or whitehaired.
- Laurent is either a brunet (brown/black) or a redhead for me. Same goes to Gerome, though I can make a concession in regards to Virion's blue hair.
- Inigo looks HORRIBLE with white hair. Sorry, Henry. :(
- Kjelle and red hair DON'T MIX. Neither do Severa and blond hair.
-- But If I didn't dislike Fred/Cordelia, I'd pair 'em up more since brunette!Severa looks lovely. Oh well, Stahl/Cordelia is more or less okay and Severa looks nice on that.
- Girl!Morgan makes a gorgeous blonde, but Boy!Morgan's fine as a brunet.


(Anonymous) 2013-08-31 04:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Girls look amazing with Henry's white hair, but I actually loved it on Owain and Inigo. Gerome, not so much.

I dunno, Brady looks kinda cute with Chrom's blue hair! And not too bad as a redhead, either.

Gerome looks terrible with white hair. Period. Didn't mind Gregor and Ricken's red hair, and Virion's blue hair looks kinda cool...but he definitely rocks dark hair better. I paired Cherche and Lon'qu in my current file and he looks SO badass with jet-black hair.

As for Laurent, it's hard to see his hair thanks to that hat. But I like him best as a redhead myself.

Yeah, much as Fred/Cordy bugged me I did like Fred's hair on Severa. Stahl's mossy hair color looked so cute on Nah, though, and pretty nice on Kjelle.