Someone wrote in [community profile] feanons 2013-08-31 07:14 pm (UTC)

Disappointing pairings

On the flip side, which pairings did you think you'd enjoy but ended up sorely disappointed with?

Obligatory Frederick/Cordelia whining here. I'd seen the supports on youtube and was sorta "awww" at them, but then I actually GOT the S support after seeing Cordelia's in-game quotes about Chrom and the Summer Scramble convo and I kinda just nope'd the fuck outta there.

Ricken/Maribelle was kinda cute, but a little boring. :/ I prefer them with others.

Astrid/Makalov. I have a habit of trying to like hated characters and pairings, but when I actually MET Makalov and saw what FE10 did to Just no.

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