Someone wrote in [community profile] feanons 2013-08-31 04:50 pm (UTC)

Henry/Sumia. C'mon, how do you NOT love a pair that involved body switching and adorable lines like "you cast the best hex of all...and it worked!".

Noire/Brady. I got this my second go-round and I find it hard to OTP her with anyone else, though Yarne is a close second.

Gregor/Cordelia. My second OTP for her, BEST S support ever and IMO the better support I've gotten thus far where she's still hurting over Chrom and needs to overcome it.

Boyd/Mia. I started shipping it after I kept sending them off together in battles, why didn't they support? It would've been cute and funny as hell!

Patty/Corple. I think I'm the only one ever who ships it, their talk in chapter 9 is just too, too funny.

Gatrie/Astrid. Their supports were so cute and imo he's better for her than her "canon" choice.

Marcia/Astrid as either yuris or BFFs. I always thought it was weird that they couldn't support or interact more even though canon has Astrid so interested in Marcia's brother.

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