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Sumia, Sumia, Sumia. She's one of the cutest characters in the game, I don't care how many times she trips or how many pies she bakes, she's awesome and she's always one of my best units.

Yarne. Yeah, he's a coward and the gimmick gets old, but he also puts his neck on the line for his friends. He's only a coward when it comes to his own life, really.

Tharja. I like her BECAUSE she's kind of an awful person, really. You can like someone without them being pure and good and sweet and without ignoring their faults.

Eirika. So she made a mistake and is naive, that's no reason to pretend she's not awesome and "totally kneecapped" by the script. She does the best she can for someone who's never experienced war before.

Chrom/Sumia. I love all of her pairings, but this was my first Chrom OTP and even if the supports are full of pies and the game "pushes" the ship, they're still pretty cute together.

Heather/Nephenee. I'd ship them no matter what because Nephenee is adorable and Heather is awesome and they make a great support team.

Nowi. Her costume design is unfortunate, I'll admit to that, and her build makes you wonder just how different manakete breeding is from human breeding considering she's so tiny. But her character is adorable, dammit.

Lewyn/Sylvia. So Corple takes a lot of work to get ready for using Holsety and Levin/Fury is canon in FE5 and the manga. FE4 still lets you pair him with Sylvia, and I'm gonna do it. <3

Raquesis. Poor girl commits the "heinous crime" of loving more than one man in her life and suddenly she's a whore and Finn never actually loved her and was gay the whole time.

Ricken, from a gameplay standpoint. Clearly these people do not realize how perfect Aegis and Luna are for a mage.

Ylisse and Naga in general. I could go off on a rant about TVTropes lately but really? There's a REASON Ylisse is touted as heroic and good and lovely. Emmeryn and then Chrom worked their asses off to undo the damage their father did.

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